Day 20: Klamath Riverview RV – Clam Beach County Park

Day 20: Klamath Riverview RV – Clam Beach County Park

Distance: 46.89 miles.
Time: 5:08.
Average Speed: 9.1 mph.

Last night’s campsite was lovely, with free coffee on the decking of a pleasant clubhouse. It turned out the area floods regularly, and much of the site had been destroyed over the winter. The Camp Host was a great character with lots of interesting stories, and opinions, about his hobby, hunting. It took a long time to get away.

Setting off, I returned to the Klamath Bridge to see the golden Grizzly bear statues I’d missed the night before. After turning around and just before the first climb, I met John, a tree-cutter from Vermont, who was cycling the pacific coast after his wife had secretly saved for a year to give him the opportunity. He was clearly in his element. Being Scottish, he asked if I knew Mark Beaumont, to which I could at least reply that I’d met him.

I found Leah near the top of the climb, with John arriving shortly after, to instant recognition from Leah. They’d met in a shop in Yachats 3 or 4 days before. He had a lift arranged to take him further along the coast tomorrow, so for today he was happy to come along with us, wherever that may lead!

Firstly we took the Newton B. Drury Parkway, a scenic route through the Redwoods. We stopped at ‘Big Tree’, a 300 foot tree, and at 20 metres wide, it was wider than three bikes end to end.


We continued to Elk Prairie campsite, where we stopped to look for Elk, spotting some further along the road. Then, seeing a family outside a parked car by the road, Leah exlaimed, ‘what are you doing here!’ They were friends of hers, who’d followed her tracker to bring us all ice cream! Apparently, not that unusual on her cycle tours.

We soon reached Orick, and stopped for dinner, John ordered a root beer float, I had to have one too. It was pleasant enough, but I’ll probably stick to the coke variety.

Back on the Highway, passed Humboldt lagoons, we met up with a Mexican girl, Emma, who had left Portland to return to Mexico City, to renew her visa. She was on a mission, but we cycled along with her for a while until it was time for us to leave the highway once more.

By the time we reached Patrick’s Point Drive and the Trinidad scenic drive, the sun was setting and it was a stunning evening, we kept stopping as the sky lit up brightly, the colours magnificent as we arrived at Clam Beach County Park.


But, there had been a bad accident only a half hour before, with a car flipping off the highway onto the parallel road we were on. The area was a hive of activity and it took a long while to settle down.

We ended the day by the fire as some kind Canadian campers had left it lit for us.


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