Day 15: Beverly Beach State Park – Carl G. Washburne Memorial Park

Day 15: Beverly Beach State Park – Carl G. Washburne Memorial Park.

Distance: 45.26 miles.
Time: 4:46.
Average Speed: 9.5 mph.

After a big effort yesterday and a fitful night’s sleep in appalling conditions, I struggled to motivate myself this morning. Slowly packing away soaking equipment, an old man with long grey hair and a guitar case, who had just set up in the hiker/biker area, came to say hello. I’d seen him at Nehalem Beach two days previously, but he seemed to have too much luggage to carry on foot. I soon had my answer, he hitch-hiked up and down the coast, from campsite to campsite as occupancy limits allowed. Tough living in the West Coast climate. He did have some useful tips on campsites though!

Setting off at 20 to 12, I took the coastal route through Newport, enjoying views of the fabulously positioned Yaquina Lighthouse. Soon after I reached a bustling little area called Nye Bridge, and decided to drop into the ‘Chowder Bowl’ for an early lunch, Clam Chowder, followed by Fish and Chips.

Just after lunch I was taking photos when Jan appeared, he’d been staying at a campsite 20 miles north of mine, but had obviously had a more productive morning. He was stopping for lunch, so I headed on, crossing the stunning Newport Bridge.


Next to delay me was Seal Rock, a wonderful spectacle with huge waves careering into massive sea stacks in the bay.


Now late in the afternoon with only 25 miles covered, it was doubtful that I’d make it to the intended campsite at 62 miles, so my attention turned to Carl G. Washburne Memorial Park, which would be 45 miles for the day.

I stopped at Yachats, after 30 miles, to ensure I had provisions for later, and then set off along the most spectacular piece of coastline I have ever seen. The tumultuous Pacific constantly barraging the fractured coastline. As the road rose over Cape Perpetua, I anticipated the view from the top. Sublime, and I was so fortunate to be graced with weather befitting the view.


Arriving at the campsite at 7 o’clock, it seemed a shame to stop pedalling so soon, but maybe I should save some energy for tomorrow.


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