Day 13: Nehalem Beach – Lookout Bay

Day 13: Nehalem Beach State Park – Lookout Bay State Park

Distance: 39.59 miles.
Time: 3:59.
Average Speed: 9.9 mph.

After the day I had yesterday, you could be forgiven for thinking I’d want to get started earlier than my eventual quarter past 12, but, I’d decided that a little more care in my preparation would save me time on the road. While staying in more salubrious accommodation, over the last two nights, I’d been distracted by charging batteries, and washing clothes (in the bath, the laundromat was broken..) respectively. Today my focus was solely on bike wheels. I repaired two inner tubes and discarded a third with a faulty valve, I fixed my ailing bicycle pump, and pumped up my tyres until my arms could take no more. Next time I had a puncture in the rain, I’d be prepared.

I set off, planning on cycling a good distance before stopping again. Then, on reaching Nehalem, 3 miles in, I decided to stop for food. More food now meant longer before I had to stop again, I reasoned. For food, anyway. I stopped for beach views in Rockaway.


And some sea stacks.


And a thing.


Turning inland around Tillamook bay, I picked up the wind and the miles flew by. On reaching Tillamook, I headed for the supermarket, then picked up the road for Netarts. The Three Capes Scenic Route had been blocked by storms that had hit the Pacific Coast in February so I headed towards Netarts, but bypassed the town and continued along the undulating coastline to Cape Lookout State Park, situated on the edge of a beautiful spit of sand. Arriving at 6 pm, I was grateful for an evening off.

When I arrived, a German cycle tourist, Jan, was already set up. He was heading up the coast from Vancouver to San Francisco, and had just spent a few days in Portland with a sore knee, caused by the cycling. He’d been studying Maths for a year in Vancouver before starting the trip, and had walked the West Highland Way a few years before. Soon after, a New Zealander arrived, he started in San Francisco, continues on to Astoria before turning right and heading all the way to New York.

Sunset on the beach was an enjoyable way to finish a more relaxing day.



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