Day 10: Twin Harbors – Bay Center

Day 10: Twin Harbors State Park – Bay Center (KOA)

Distance: 51.42 miles
Time: 4:57.
Average Speed: 10.4 mph.

I was soaked by the time I got back to the tent last night, so I jumped in and zipped up the door, the rain keeping me there until morning. Finally, at half 8, it let up just long enough for me to make a dash for the showers. By the time I returned it had started again so I had to pack up in the rain. It was almost a relief to escape the sodden quagmire of the campsite and hit the open road.

Within a few miles, the rain had stopped completely, and as I sat savouring the Pacific views, the sun broke through the clouds.


For an hour or two, I was pedalling around Willapa Bay, on deserted roads in the sunshine. But then, 30 miles in, as I approached Raymond, the storm clouds moved in from the south and the rain started lashing down, I made a dash for the Pitchwood Alehouse, it was time for lunch.


After lunch, there were a few miles of bike track around to South Bend, but then, as I was passing through town, the skies seemed to darken up ahead. I was fishing for my waterproofs when a barrage of gigantic hailstones started their attack, causing me to jump for cover. I ploughed on into the rain, this was ridiculous. Then as I rounded the corner of the bay, back to the Pacific, the rain stopped, just as quickly as it began, the sun shining through the trees.


Arriving at the KOA campsite at Bay Center I jumped at the chance of a cabin for the night. I know the rain will be back soon and I don’t fancy being stuck out in it!


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