Day 9: Potlach State Park – Twin Harbors State Park

Day 9: Potlach State Park – Twin Harbors State Park

Distance: 80.09 miles.
Time: 7:13.
Average Speed 11.1 mph.

I was expecting a big day, so left the campsite at half 8, reaching Shelton, an hour – and 10 miles – later. I stopped at the local Walmart to stock up on provisions and got talking to the teller, who said she was also from Europe:
‘Ooh, I was born in France’. That’s nice, have you been back recently, I asked, innocently. ‘Yes, it was horrible!’ How so, I enquired. ‘You know that Algeria used to be a colony, and now they’ve just let them all in!’ I left before she played the Trump card.

Back on the road, I started to head west towards the Pacific Coast, but as soon as I turned onto highway 108, I ploughed straight into a headwind. My nemesis for the next 65 miles. Not that I thought I’d get that far when the wheel trim came flying off an overtaking van, it missed fortunately.

I continued west along Freeway 12 between McCleary and Elma, where the thundering trucks holding lane position had me scurrying to the far side of the shoulder, weaving in and out of stones and shrapnel, a few wayward stones sent pinging across the carriageway.

Continuing on a back road, through pleasant farmland to Montesaro, I stopped for Clam Chowder and a tasty Chicken Alfredo Sandwich at Gepetto’s.


10 miles later, at 60 miles for the day, I reached Aberdeen, birthplace of Kurt Cobain.


The last stretch was endless. On long straight roads, into the wind, I was counting down the miles. Finally reaching 80 miles for the day, a cycle-touring high mark for me.

I quickly pitched the tent, then rushed off to the beach, having finally reached the Pacific, 9 days in. I was given 10 minutes grace before the rain started, and if the forecast is correct, it might not stop for a while.



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