Day 8: Old Fort Townsend – Potlach State Park

Day 8: Old Fort Townsend State Park – Potlach State Park.

Distance: 63.02 miles
Time: 5:40
Average Speed: 11.1 mph

I slept late, and didn’t set off until half 10, but I was feeling fresh and determined to get through the miles. 10 miles, and a significant climb later, I stopped for brunch at ‘Fat Smitty’s’ – a proper American Roadhouse whose reputation allegedly runs far and wide for the size of their ‘Fat Smitty’ burger. I was challenged to try and finish it by the locals. Easy. Though I didn’t need to eat again until dinner time.


After a 12 mile flat stretch north of Quilcene, highway 101 scaled the flanks of Mount Walker, a 3 mile climb, and the climbing didn’t stop: the road went up and down all the way along the side of the Hood Canal, until just north of Hoodsport 40 miles later. It was a perfect day for powering through the miles, however, as the weather was glorious, and the scenery was enjoyable without being outstanding enough to warrant stopping often for photos: there were occasional fleeting glimpses of the Olympic mountains through the trees.




Arriving at Hoodsport at 6pm, after a 60 mile day, I was tired and sore, and highly relieved to get another big day out of the way. I treated myself to a well earned beer in ‘Model T’s bar and grill’ while being treated to an in depth breakdown of the family lineage of the other pub clientele.

Afterwards I rolled the final few miles to Potlach State Park arriving relatively early, at half 7. Another big day planned tomorrow, but if all goes well I should make it to the Pacific Coast at last!


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