Day 2: Porpoise Bay – Saltery Bay

Day 2: Porpoise Bay – Saltery Bay

Distance: 43.80 miles.

Time: 4:29.

Average speed: 9.9.

Although just over 40 miles, today was a hard hilly day along the Sunshine Coast. If there’s one thing I can say about the Sunshine Coast, it’s that it gives Glasgow a run for its money: that’s 24 hours of constant rain now! If I was to offer another observation, it’s that I didn’t see any of the Sunshine Coast as it was hidden by forests that line Highway 101 the whole way.
It was a short few miles into Sechelt for breakfast. Then some long nasty hills up and over to Half Moon Bay.

After lunch in Madeira Bay, I still had around 16 miles to Earl’s Cove Ferry Terminal where I was to take the ferry to Saltery Bay. The hills kept on coming but I kept plugging away, just making the 16:55 ferry. It was then only another mile to Saltery Bay Provincial Park: a forest campsite with minimal facilities.

Highlights were mostly in the form of breaks from cycling. The cafes I stopped at – The Bakery in Sechelt and The Copper Sky Cafe in Madeira Bay were both very nice, and the ferry which was not only dry but very scenic!



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