Day 1: Vancouver to Porpoise Bay

Day 1: Vancouver – Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Distance 38.56 miles.
Time: 03:54
Average speed: 9.9 mph.


Busy morning picking up camping gas and building the bike. Managed a whistle-stop walk round Vancouver too, beautiful city. Considering the problems I had setting up the bike before I left, I was surprised to achieve the perfect set-up on the first attempt!

The beginning of the route was lovely using bike paths through Vancouver – along the river and through Stanley Park, even passing some totem poles en route. Took the bridge to West Vancouver, then followed Marine Drive – over some steepening hills – out to Horseshoe bay. The ferry to Gibsons was some time off but had great fish and chips at the oddly named ‘Troll’s fish and chips’.


After a nice ferry journey, with views of the Rockies in the background, I realised that there were only 2 hours until sunset, as I struggled up the long steep stretch out of the ferry terminal. Taking a wrong turning down into Roberts Creek didn’t help, and either did arriving at my first intended campsite at 19:50 to find it shut!

8 miles and 40 minutes later I made it to Porpoise Bay and was relieved to find the biker field open, if empty.. Luckily the warden happened along to turn on the showers for me shortly after.

Plan for tomorrow: Start earlier!


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