My Pacific Coast Odyssey


So, the day is finally here! Tomorrow I fly to Vancouver, hoping to cycle down the Pacific Coast to San Diego. The route is around 2000 miles long, and I have 39 days in which to complete it. That would require me to cycle an average of 51 miles a day with no days off the bike. I’m working on the principle that to try and fail is better than to sit at home!

My route travels north out of Vancouver, then crosses onto Vancouver Island to start the journey south. I will then cross into America through the San Juan Islands, continuing south through Washington state, Oregon and, finally, California to reach the Mexican border in San Diego.

Making a hard task harder, It was brought to my attention, yesterday, that a major part of Route 1 – through Big Sur in California – has been closed for the foreseeable future due to landslides and the subsequent demolition of the Pfeiffer- Big Sur bridge. Fortunately, the American Cycling Association (whose maps I’m using) have released route data for an inland detour which only adds around 30 miles to the route.

For the trip I will be using my trusty Thorn Brevet touring bike and Bikehut panniers with a Lomo rack-top dry bag. I have a new Vaude Terralight tent (1.85 kg) to try out and I will be using a Garmin Etrex 20x for navigation.

Wish me luck!


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